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Have you ever dreamed of traveling to an exotic tropical island with nothing more than your camera, a little history, and the assignment to go find a story?  That’s exactly what we want you to do on the island of Dominica.  We’re looking for aspiring photographers, filmmakers, and story tellers to come to Dominica as part of the Dominica Film Challenge and help us tell our story to the world.


Your personal or professional website, which features information about you, your portfolio, or other information that may tell us a little more about yourself.

This is your personal site, which would feature more blog content or other side projects you may be working on.

YouTube, Vimeo, or Flickr gallery, which highlights your visual story telling abilities.

We encourage all applicants to make a short video detailing why you think you would be a great member of the expedition. Be creative. There are no rules.

Let us know why you believe you would make a great island explorer. What is your travel experience? What kinds of creative ideas do you have? What would you bring to the expedition?

As part of this project, we're asking that people apply as teams (to help with creative collaboration). It's also a fun way for you and a friend to go on a trip of a lifetime. Tell us who your likely partner would be and what they would bring to the team.


If you would like to upload an application or submit any additional files, please upload them here. Maximum size 10MB


Please submit a photo with your application, so we can tell everyone apart from each other. If you have one with you and your travel partner, that's even better. Maximum size 10MB

Let us know how old you are, for car rental, flight, and bar tab purposes. And, so we can send you a card.

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