2015 - Dominica Film Challenge


Damien & Adrien

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Riot House Productions

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Damien & Adrien


2015 - Dominica Film Challenge


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I AM DOMINICA from Riot House Production on Vimeo.

A Note From The Team

Before coming to Dominica, we had no idea of what we would discover.

We tried not to watch the previous year projects and behind the scenes, to avoid any influence and come to Dominica with a totally unspoiled vision.

We just had this “rotative” transition idea, which we never tried but wanted to make on this new film.
We also wanted to fly our drone, which appeared very difficult as the island is often wet and windy ! For example, we took the drone on our 8 hours walk to the boiling lake, but couldn’t fly it… That drone visited every part of the island with us !

On another unlucky note, we had troubles with our luggage, who took 4 days to arrive to Dominica. We had to improvise and shoot with other gear during this 4 days, but there is very few shots from these days in the final edit.

In the end, our goal was to personify the island, and invite the spectator to a virtual journey into Dominica, hoping it will also make them want to visit the island for real in the near future ! We used a local talent for the voiceover, recorded in a Dominican studio.

Team Bio

Damien Bour & Adrien Bessac are part of Riot House Productions, a company passionate about media, photography, filmmaking, and storytelling. Riot House Production has modern and efficient means for producing impactful videos.

Damien is a French filmmaker and 31 years old. A few years ago, I started a company with 3 friends called Riot House, that brought us all over the world from Hong Kong to Hawaï, Dubaï, Taïwan, and all over Europe. I am personally a passionate explorer, always travelling when I can , just taking my camera and driving all around looking at what the world as to offer. I made 28 000 km all around Australia, for example, to discover this great country.

Adrien is a passionate Director of Photography, and was born with a camera glued to his hand! He is always outside, chasing the best light of the day and spots you can find around, and a perfectionist when it comes to editing.

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